Tuesday, July 16, 2013

...and then "a new camera calls for a new camera bag and strap"

>> So when I bought my new camera, I of course needed to get a new camera bag and strap...however, the ones online are just so darn expensive and I had recently purchased a new bag for all of my lenses and accessories, but didn't have something to protect the body and lens I keep attached.  I found this pattern on ETSY and I couldn't be happier with out it turned out!
**Note: It would NOT have turned out had it not been for my mom --> Alice Teunis [Thanks mom, even though you doubted my color choices when we purchased the fabric...you have to agree it suits me perfectly! Yay for contrast!] :)


Tutorial can be found/purchased here --> Compact Padded Camera Bag

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  1. Yes I already told you the fabrics looked great when it was done and that I didn't like them in the store. Do I have to declare it to the world too! ;-) I will say you are becoming quite a designer and crafter. You'll have to admit you still need my advice sometimes though! Love 'ya!