Sunday, August 11, 2013

...and then "She has arrived + a shower for Charlie"

>> So it's been awhile since I've posted anything...reason being that we welcomed our new little princess into our lives! Georgia Bree was born July 31st weighing 8 lbs, 1 oz and 22 in long. We are adjusting to being a family of 4 and enjoying every minute with our girls! God has blessed us beyond words and we couldn't be happier! :)


>> Yesterday we went to a couples baby shower for our friends Anna & Alex.  They are due with their first baby on our anniversary (Oct. 22)!! :)  It is a boy and his name is Charlie!  We can't wait to meet him!  Alex loves anything and everything to do with cars, so since this was a "couple's shower" and usually it's just the mom that gets the shower and the presents to "ooh and aww" over, we wanted to do something special for daddy this time! We had a lot of fun coming up with some ideas and figuring out how to put them together...Here is our finished product! :) ENJOY!

A customized "license plate" made out of old license plates! 

A fun twist on a "diaper cake"'s a diaper car! Complete with A rubber ducky hood ornament, nice and plush seats, a customized license plate [note the exp. date!] && some brand new Good Year tires!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

...and then "look out, there's a new photographer in town"

>> We had decided earlier in my pregnancy that we weren't going to have maternity photos "professionally" taken this time, but rather we will get family photos taken this fall! However, maternity and baby photos are my favorite to photograph so I just couldn't resist doing a couple! So I hired in the help of my wonderful Husband to replace me behind the camera so I could be on the other end! At first he grumbled, and then he was [secretly] excited...and then a little more grumbling when the time actually came! And if you ask him, he will tell you "I don't know what I'm doing!"...well, these photos are exactly what I was looking for and would have captured myself and I am so proud of him and the job he did! Thank you babe and yes, you do know what you're doing! :) {I better look out, a new photographer might be in town! hehe}

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

...and then "a new camera calls for a new camera bag and strap"

>> So when I bought my new camera, I of course needed to get a new camera bag and strap...however, the ones online are just so darn expensive and I had recently purchased a new bag for all of my lenses and accessories, but didn't have something to protect the body and lens I keep attached.  I found this pattern on ETSY and I couldn't be happier with out it turned out!
**Note: It would NOT have turned out had it not been for my mom --> Alice Teunis [Thanks mom, even though you doubted my color choices when we purchased the have to agree it suits me perfectly! Yay for contrast!] :)


Tutorial can be found/purchased here --> Compact Padded Camera Bag

Friday, July 12, 2013

...and then "she made a truly simple and quick fringe tank"

>> Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted any new Pinterest Projects, but here ya go! I've been wanting to try this one for awhile, but have been waiting to find tank tops really cheap! Meijer finally put theirs on clearance and so I hunted them down so I could make this top!


Original tutorial post can be found here --> 15 minute fringe top

Friday, June 28, 2013

...and then "she taught sewing 101"

>> Meet Katie.  Katie and I were "forced" to meet in a small group our first day of college, but that's okay...because we've been friends ever since! :) She has a precious little boy named Jackson who is almost 9 months old already! check out :: action jackson :: to see all his fuzzy hairs! hehe! Anyway, she found this adorable moose fabric at a thrift store and fell in love with it (I mean, who wouldn't?) and wanted to make some pillows for Jacks-man out of it! So she came over to borrow my sewing machine and I helped her put together a couple pillows! They turned out super cute and she passed "sewing 101" with an A++ 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...and then "we had a well spent weekend on the lake"

>> It looked like it was going to be a not so nice weekend to be at the cottage due to the weather...but it couldn't have been any better! And we got to spend it with some great friends too! Finally got to swim for the first time this year! She's a little more timid in the water than I thought she would be...but I guess that helps me not be so terrified of her going under (and I get to hold her hand a lot because she won't move unless she's holding someones hand)! :) Even Rocco man got in (not by choice) and he didn't even make his usual beeline straight to the shore...he actually swam around a bit! And of course daddy had his fun on the jet ski! [I may or may not have taken a few rides myself...and the life jacket I would have worn had I taken a few rides, may or may not have been a smidge small and not come together in the middle...]

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...and then "Mr. Rocking Horse got his saddle"

>> I finally got the poly on Mr. Rocking Horse and the next step was to add his saddle! Sorry, this is sort of a teaser photo, but I think the big reveal will be worth the wait! :)