Friday, June 28, 2013

...and then "she taught sewing 101"

>> Meet Katie.  Katie and I were "forced" to meet in a small group our first day of college, but that's okay...because we've been friends ever since! :) She has a precious little boy named Jackson who is almost 9 months old already! check out :: action jackson :: to see all his fuzzy hairs! hehe! Anyway, she found this adorable moose fabric at a thrift store and fell in love with it (I mean, who wouldn't?) and wanted to make some pillows for Jacks-man out of it! So she came over to borrow my sewing machine and I helped her put together a couple pillows! They turned out super cute and she passed "sewing 101" with an A++ 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...and then "we had a well spent weekend on the lake"

>> It looked like it was going to be a not so nice weekend to be at the cottage due to the weather...but it couldn't have been any better! And we got to spend it with some great friends too! Finally got to swim for the first time this year! She's a little more timid in the water than I thought she would be...but I guess that helps me not be so terrified of her going under (and I get to hold her hand a lot because she won't move unless she's holding someones hand)! :) Even Rocco man got in (not by choice) and he didn't even make his usual beeline straight to the shore...he actually swam around a bit! And of course daddy had his fun on the jet ski! [I may or may not have taken a few rides myself...and the life jacket I would have worn had I taken a few rides, may or may not have been a smidge small and not come together in the middle...]

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...and then "Mr. Rocking Horse got his saddle"

>> I finally got the poly on Mr. Rocking Horse and the next step was to add his saddle! Sorry, this is sort of a teaser photo, but I think the big reveal will be worth the wait! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

...and then "berry berry, quite does the garden grow?"

>> Today was filled with different appointments, so no "Pinterest projects" got worked on :( sad day! but hopefully tomorrow!
  Tonight we went over to pick some strawberries from papa's garden! She loved to help pick them, and even found some on her own and was so excited! Then we had some ice cream with berries on top! mmmm! Nothing better than home grown berries! :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

...and then "just keep crocheting, just keep crocheting..."

>> I've started this blanket a few months ago now, and even though I haven't quite finished it, I'm thrilled with how it is turning out and happy with the progress so far! My inspiration was originally found on Pinterest, and I was able to track down the pattern and it turned out to be very basic and simple stitches and super easy to make! [just a little time consuming!] :) A few rows away from being half way!

>> This one I'm currently working on is for Eila, and I have all the threads ready to make Georgia's next! (I hope to get them done before Gia's arrival, but I'm not so sure it will happen...I may have to switch and try to at least Georgia's done before she's here!)

:: My inspiration can be found here :: Crochet grey & yellow baby blanket

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

...and then "Mr. Rocking Horse [who still needs a name] gets his color"

>> It was a busy weekend and now has been a busy week as well! I did manage to spruce up this little guy with some stain, but unfortunately that's as far as we are for now [poly to be applied tonight]! I wasn't sure how the stain would turn out, but it actually took to the grain really well and he has a lot of fun dark and light spots to make him truly unique! I have made all the [cheap] purchases to make him complete with a saddle, mane/tail and reins but they are still just a work in progress. He wanted to show off his new color, but this might be the last post from him until his big reveal! :)
    **He still needs a name! Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe the right name won't come until he's completely made over? Please leave your comment if you think you have the perfect name for him! "Mr. Rocking Horse" just isn't cutting it!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

...and then "snow leopards & peacocks & giraffes...Oh My!"

>> Today we ventured down to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek with my parents...It was a blast! We had planned this trip awhile ago and almost didn't go, but I'm so glad we did...and the weather was beautiful [no rain like the early week forecast showed, and not too hot]! It is a very nice zoo and highly recommended! They have a few different animals than our local John Ball Zoo has and some of the same as well! Eila's favorites were the snow leopard (and cheetah) and giraffe! I also loved the peacocks! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy! :)

>> Many of the animals, including this snow leopard, were quite active today! It seems like most of the times I go to the zoo, all the animals are doing is sleeping off in the corner of their enclosed area! This little [big] guy was given a frozen "frisbee like" treat and he was having a blast with it! He even got a little crazy when a persistent little bug started tickling his nose [tried to get a picture, but he only did it a couple times] and he started leaping in the air and batting at the bug!

>> These peacocks seemed to think they owned the place! They would climb/hop the fencing and just wander where ever they pleased! Here is Mr. Peacock trying to strut his stuff for Miss Lady Peacock [who was not impressed]! Ive never seen one with it's feathers out like this and when he would get all excited he would shake them and they made a cool noise as the feathers hit each other! 

>> She loved to feed the giraffes [although I'm not sure who loved it more: her or the giraffe!] 

>> It has sort of become a tradition to get her favorite animal at each new place we go [probably going to have to end that sooner rather than later..ha!] Meet Jeffery the Giraffe! Oh..and of course, the "post-zoo car ride nap" picture :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

...and then "out of no where, we have Asiatic Lilies"

>> Since we started having decently warm days this year we noticed some sprouts coming up in these big barrels in front of our house...funny thing is --> I never planted perennials in them!! The first summer we lived here I didn't plant anything in them & last summer I planted a few annuals that had sat in their store boughten containers until they were clinging to life before I finally got around to planting them, but let's just wasn't pretty! Fast forward to this year and where in the world did these beautiful Asiatic Lilies come from??? Beats me! But aren't they going to be gorgeous when they are in full bloom?? YUP! The first bud finally completely opened a couple days ago and I can't wait until there are more!

Friday, June 7, 2013

...and then "last day -- new bow, new hair"

>> New blonde and red hair! And of more bow day! :) 

>> We matched today! [at least for a few minutes, because she just doesn't keep bows in her hair :( ]

Thursday, June 6, 2013

...and then "another day, another bow"

>> Another day...another bow...This one I've done before and It's just a lazy hair day quick fix! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

...and then "Mr. Rocking Horse makes his first debut"

>> Meet Mr. Rocking Horse (better name to come!)...Last fall I was at a craft fair and I came across a gorgeous repurposed rocking horse that I badly wanted for Eila...and then I looked at the price tag: $75! [cough cough] are. you. nuts.??? Well, I don't know if that lady sold that horse, but I certainly was not going to pay that much for it! 
     Anyway, since then I have been looking at garage sales, antique shops, flea markets and so on to find a rocking horse that I could repurpose somewhat similar to the way the craft lady had but for far less! Most horses I had found were either too expensive or already decorated in a way I didn't care for....until last weekend! My mom and I ventured out to the 28th street flea market on Saturday and mixed in with a bunch of tools and lawn equipment was this lovely little guy! You may say, "but he's not that lovely?"...well you just "hold your horses"! [oh yeah, just said that!]  
>> This is exactly how I found him (minus a very very thin layer that I sanded off just to make him smooth!)...a blank canvas, and he will fill the "reigns" of that craft fair horse perfectly! [get it, "fill those reigns"?, like "fill those shoes"? yea? oh, never mind] Now ask me, "Amanda, how much did you pay for him?"...oh ya know, only $7!!!! I mean, I couldn't have even made this horse for that cheap! 

>> So now he is all ready for his makeover to be the perfect looking rocking horse! I'm not going to give away all my secrets just yet, but here are a few bits and pieces that will be incorporated one way or another to get your minds turning:
>> Stay tuned for more updates of Mr. Rocking Horse's makeover! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

...and then "she wore a bow for day 2 in a row"

Today I wore the bow again with a different one of her styles! Should have taken the picture this morning instead of just now when I've worn it all day and it got progressively messier as the day went on! Hmm, maybe a new style tomorrow too?? 
Day 2 of wearing a bow

I should also mention that the nature of my "braid" was also a pinterest find...
>>You can find it here...

...and then "she decided to try something new"

>> I've decided to give the "blogging world" another chance.  I've had a couple other blogs and I just couldn't keep up with them...but now that I'm home, and what I will post I post to Facebook anyway, I hope to be able to keep up with it! So "cheers" to my first blog post on my new (created myself) blog! :)

p.s. that silhouette at the top, yep...that's one of our wedding photos I turned silhouette! :)