Wednesday, June 5, 2013

...and then "Mr. Rocking Horse makes his first debut"

>> Meet Mr. Rocking Horse (better name to come!)...Last fall I was at a craft fair and I came across a gorgeous repurposed rocking horse that I badly wanted for Eila...and then I looked at the price tag: $75! [cough cough] are. you. nuts.??? Well, I don't know if that lady sold that horse, but I certainly was not going to pay that much for it! 
     Anyway, since then I have been looking at garage sales, antique shops, flea markets and so on to find a rocking horse that I could repurpose somewhat similar to the way the craft lady had but for far less! Most horses I had found were either too expensive or already decorated in a way I didn't care for....until last weekend! My mom and I ventured out to the 28th street flea market on Saturday and mixed in with a bunch of tools and lawn equipment was this lovely little guy! You may say, "but he's not that lovely?"...well you just "hold your horses"! [oh yeah, just said that!]  
>> This is exactly how I found him (minus a very very thin layer that I sanded off just to make him smooth!)...a blank canvas, and he will fill the "reigns" of that craft fair horse perfectly! [get it, "fill those reigns"?, like "fill those shoes"? yea? oh, never mind] Now ask me, "Amanda, how much did you pay for him?"...oh ya know, only $7!!!! I mean, I couldn't have even made this horse for that cheap! 

>> So now he is all ready for his makeover to be the perfect looking rocking horse! I'm not going to give away all my secrets just yet, but here are a few bits and pieces that will be incorporated one way or another to get your minds turning:
>> Stay tuned for more updates of Mr. Rocking Horse's makeover! 

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