Wednesday, June 12, 2013

...and then "Mr. Rocking Horse [who still needs a name] gets his color"

>> It was a busy weekend and now has been a busy week as well! I did manage to spruce up this little guy with some stain, but unfortunately that's as far as we are for now [poly to be applied tonight]! I wasn't sure how the stain would turn out, but it actually took to the grain really well and he has a lot of fun dark and light spots to make him truly unique! I have made all the [cheap] purchases to make him complete with a saddle, mane/tail and reins but they are still just a work in progress. He wanted to show off his new color, but this might be the last post from him until his big reveal! :)
    **He still needs a name! Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe the right name won't come until he's completely made over? Please leave your comment if you think you have the perfect name for him! "Mr. Rocking Horse" just isn't cutting it!

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