Sunday, June 9, 2013

...and then "snow leopards & peacocks & giraffes...Oh My!"

>> Today we ventured down to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek with my parents...It was a blast! We had planned this trip awhile ago and almost didn't go, but I'm so glad we did...and the weather was beautiful [no rain like the early week forecast showed, and not too hot]! It is a very nice zoo and highly recommended! They have a few different animals than our local John Ball Zoo has and some of the same as well! Eila's favorites were the snow leopard (and cheetah) and giraffe! I also loved the peacocks! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy! :)

>> Many of the animals, including this snow leopard, were quite active today! It seems like most of the times I go to the zoo, all the animals are doing is sleeping off in the corner of their enclosed area! This little [big] guy was given a frozen "frisbee like" treat and he was having a blast with it! He even got a little crazy when a persistent little bug started tickling his nose [tried to get a picture, but he only did it a couple times] and he started leaping in the air and batting at the bug!

>> These peacocks seemed to think they owned the place! They would climb/hop the fencing and just wander where ever they pleased! Here is Mr. Peacock trying to strut his stuff for Miss Lady Peacock [who was not impressed]! Ive never seen one with it's feathers out like this and when he would get all excited he would shake them and they made a cool noise as the feathers hit each other! 

>> She loved to feed the giraffes [although I'm not sure who loved it more: her or the giraffe!] 

>> It has sort of become a tradition to get her favorite animal at each new place we go [probably going to have to end that sooner rather than later..ha!] Meet Jeffery the Giraffe! Oh..and of course, the "post-zoo car ride nap" picture :)

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