Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...and then "we had a well spent weekend on the lake"

>> It looked like it was going to be a not so nice weekend to be at the cottage due to the weather...but it couldn't have been any better! And we got to spend it with some great friends too! Finally got to swim for the first time this year! She's a little more timid in the water than I thought she would be...but I guess that helps me not be so terrified of her going under (and I get to hold her hand a lot because she won't move unless she's holding someones hand)! :) Even Rocco man got in (not by choice) and he didn't even make his usual beeline straight to the shore...he actually swam around a bit! And of course daddy had his fun on the jet ski! [I may or may not have taken a few rides myself...and the life jacket I would have worn had I taken a few rides, may or may not have been a smidge small and not come together in the middle...]

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